Release Notes | September

Hello Sparrows!

Been so long, eh? We hope things are amazing for you :slight_smile:

Of Late, we’ve been making improvements in our product to make it extremely user friendly for you. We guess you are liking them, and there’s more coming your way.

It’s September, and this month, we have come up with some new features and enhancements that will save tons of man-hours for you! :wink:

Enhancements & Upgrades

  • Export your NPS Dashboard as PDF & share it with your teammates, effortlessly. There’s no better time to uncover reasons for your customers’ dissatisfaction, know your happiest customers, identify your detractors and passives, & eventually convert them as your promoters. After all, customer loyalty is one thing that every business strives for.

  • This is our most favourite add-on. Coz it can help your business gain brand visibility, acquire more customers, and increase revenue. Right after your customers complete filling up an NPS survey, you can encourage them to review your brand on third-party review sites like G2, Capterra, or any social media platforms, in next to no time.

  • Executive Dashboards are now shareable! You can now share the dashboards with your team members as a shareable link, run an in-depth analysis, collaborate and brainstorm ideas, together. So share those beautiful dashboards you’ve created with your peers, in the most organized way.

Integrations of the month

  • Have you been waiting for an update on Zendesk integration that lets you trigger NPS surveys? It’s LIVE now! With the new version of Zendesk integration, you can uncover the loyalty insights of your customers through NPS surveys, effortlessly.

  • The new version of integration lets you trigger CSAT/NPS surveys when the column status is changed. Not just that, it further enables you to create items upon new NPS survey submissions, and more.

SparrowCast of the month

Lockdowns or not, bring out the best in your employees with these tips from Swetha Harikrishnan, HackerEarth, at creating the best remote work culture.

Alright folks! That’s all we’ve got for this month! :slight_smile:

Will see you in the next one!

Until then, stay safe and have a fabulous September!

SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

SurveySparrow powers
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