Release Notes | March 2022

March on :on:

March is where the magic is, no one ever said. But we’re telling you huh :wink:

Ladies and gentlemen - experience the magic of this month with these magnificent enhancements. Before we begin, we want you to know that this month was weaved around Customer Experience.

So here’s unleashing CX - The March Version :magic_wand:

  • NPS question weds Follow-up question ( A match made in SurveySparrow :sparkling_heart:) - We wanted to bring them together, for you! Truly refine your customer experience in just a toggle :sunglasses: Toggle on - you glue the question to the follow-up. Toggle off - you break them into two (no heartbreaks here, we assure you.) Get those feedbacks rolling, y’all!

  • Dropdown question type in NPS - Woohoo! Dropdown, scroll down and convenience ready (fire symbol) We know how much you loved the dropdown in other forms. We owe you this :pleading_face: Leave no stone unturned to up customer loyalty & pump up your team. More power to CX!

  • Answer piping, now a reality in NPS - Say what? Oh yes! Filter your customer’s choices and get closer to them. Pipe their choices and touch their hearts, the right way :heart_eyes: Sounds so fulfilling, doesn’t it? Go for piping, today!

  • Have you ever thought - It would’ve been amazing if NPS surveys could be shared via Slack! Yes or no, here we come :white_check_mark: Slack share now enabled in NPS. Share surveys & get direct replies, all in Slack. There’s more - send a copy of responses to a user/channel. Score!

Amazing CX delivered. That’s all for this month’s magic.

Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, take care and stay amazing :heart:

Lots of magic mixed with true love,
Team SurveySparrow.