Release Notes January

Happy 2021!

Yayyy! We’ve stepped into another year and we wish you abundance of real love, good health, & unlimited possibilities.
Here’s to new beginnings & more shared successes! 🎉

What just got better

  • What good is an upgrade, if it can’t make you reach for a calculator! The overall score of your 360 degree assessments can now be found right at the top of Competency Summary. Know all your scores, at one glance.
  • We all love responses. But it gets really tricky to track them. Don’t you think? If you’re collecting them via API, good news! You can now segment them based on any data range. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Ooh, Ooh, there’s another cool addition too. Guess what? Our integration with Mailchimp for NPS Surveys is live! Add or create new leads or subscribers to your Mailchimp audience list, instantly. Run personalized campaigns, reach broader audiences, segment it, win more deals, & what not.
  • Did you know, “The key to success is to ask more questions”. We agree. In NPS surveys, you can now ask in three more question types: Matrix, Yes or No, and Text.
  • Just asking questions wouldn’t get you responses. Every once in a while, everybody needs a little push. We give you automated NPS reminders to encourage your respondents to complete the survey.

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Learn to start your first NPS program from the Vice President of Customer Success, Maranda Ann. Enrich your minds as she offers her expertise on how you can reap the benefits of a successful NPS Program.

How to start your NPS Program?

See you next month with a whole new batch of additions!

Until then, Cheers, and Stay Safe!
From all of us at SurveySparrow