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Hey there, newbie! Welcome to SurveySparrow’s Community!

This is a space dedicated to discussing anything and everything about the SurveySparrow platform. Feel free to express your ideas, concerns and queries, and make some friends along the way!

Let the discussions... (More)

A few rules to be followed....

Be kind to one another

Our Community is a platform where people can discuss, connect and share freely without judgement. So please be respectful of each other. Refrain from the usage of bad words, threats, and insults. Let’s make everyone... (More)

Collect Payments for Event Registrations

Let’s say you want to collect payments for event registrations. You can use the Stripe integration to incorporate payments into your event registration form.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. Create an event registration form or you can use our Online... (More)

Collect Payments from your Cake Order Form

Let’s say you want to collect payments for cake orders through a survey form. So, you can create a cake order template and enable the Payment question type to collect payments via Stripe.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. First, create... (More)