Release Notes | April

Hello Sparrows,

While you're having fun creating pretty surveys, let's make it more fun by letting you know about these super cool enhancements we brought to the store.

  • How're you tracking your survey campaigns? Forget about the responses, have you been tracking down your survey page views, clicking and scrolling events?

    No??? We've got you covered then. Now you can track, analyze, and improve the visitor analytics of your survey campaigns with SurveySparrow - Google Tag Manager Integration.
  • Why do you wanna waste time passing your payment as an amount or expressions when you can get it done with variables? Yes! Trust me you can save loads of time and energy and get the payment done in no time.
  • If you're someone who loves customizations, you're surely in for the treat. Now you can customize your 360 ° assessments by adding more categories, rearranging them to your preferences, and more.
  • Did you know that you can reach more NPS survey respondents with SMS share? Who doesn't respond when it's easy to take and easier to submit. More accessibility and more responses. Tada!
  • Have you been previewing the whole survey even when you have to do it just for a question? Worry not! We know we've made your lives a little tougher. We ain't doing that as we advance. Now you can customize your survey question & preview the changes individually.
  • The seven-digit number is always difficult to remember, isn't it? So here's Question Tags that solves your hassle. You no longer have to remember the Question IDs to track down your questions or responses. Thank us later :p
  • Ever imagined how easy your life would be to track, manage, and store all your survey responses in one place? Yes. We gave you an option to do all of these as. CSV files.

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The SparrowCast you shouldn't miss

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Will see you in the next one!

Until then! Stay safe and have an awesome april.

SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

SurveySparrow powers
your Surveys