Release Notes | January 2022

Happy New Years, folks :smiley:

What’s your new year’s resolution this time? Oh, well! We’ll start with ours. We’ve decided to make your life simpler and easier. Oh, yeah! Pack of two for 2022 :sunglasses:

Wondering how? 6 is the magic number!

Hear us out!

  • Voice transcription - Hellooo, mic check! Bid adieu to typing forms this new year. Hurray! Text questions in Classic & Chat surveys are in for a major makeover. This new year, you hit the record button, get to talking & we get you the words, real-time! Your fingers, rest assured! ( No rest for your masks though :mask:)

  • Photo Capture Question Type - Look who’s entering our Classic surveys! Smileeee :camera:! With photo capture, click a picture & send it across, effortlessly. Save room for flash, flip or retake. No more imagining faces. Yes to a lively 2022. Special mention: Easy-peasy photo verification - now LIVE!

  • Record Audio Question Type - Offline surveys on the way to become audio-friendly! That means you get to gather voice notes from customers, offline! How cool is that? Press record & do the talking :studio_microphone: (Quick reminder: Wear your masks while you’re doing that) Important info, MP3-wise!

  • Charts Widget - NPS just got fancier, folks! Slice & dice customer data efficiently with Word Cloud for Open-Ended Questions. Get a visual representation of the most commonly used words right inside your NPS reports. Also, donuts are here. Where? NPS widgets! Donut Bar Charts for joyous reports. Decode customer loyalty, smoothly :white_check_mark:

  • Trend Graphs - We vowed to make your lives much simpler. We get your struggle to keep track of customer responses over time. Meet NPS Trend Graphs. Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, never let customer loyalty take a back seat. Here’s assuring you a smooth January and beyond :heart:

  • Email translation - We’re breaking some serious boundaries here. Your lovely emails are worth it & they deserve to be in languages of your choice. Classic & NPS riders, reach your customers in their language, wherever they are. Stay true to personalization, in every step of your journey :muscle:

Sit tight. We’ll be back with thrilling upgrades next month. Don’t let your chins (and guard) down anytime soon.

Lots of Love & Surveys,

Team SurveySparrow.