Hello Sparrows!

First things first! We're excited, thrilled, and humbled to announce that SurveySparrow has been named as one of the fastest growing SaaS products for 2021 by G2. Thanks for your unbelievable trust, support and whatnot!

Fastest growing SaaS products for 2021, on G2's list

And welcome to February. YAYY 🎉

We’ve successfully made it to the 41st day of 2021. Let’s give a pat on our back ourselves. The days must have gone super fast but we haven’t stopped bringing these super cool enhancements to our product. So here we go.

What’s new with our product!

  • Question Types! Question Types! Question Types! - Yes! We’ve added three more question types to your Classic and Chat surveys - Opinion Scale, Rank Order, and Signature, to help you ask better questions and get more responses. Tada! Go explore them.
  • How good of an enhancement it is when your NPS Survey can actually be taken as a Chat Survey type. We’ve created a mobile-friendly interface just to help you reach a broader audience. Engage better, & collect more responses, seamlessly.
  • Track every action that’s been done in the survey. From editing the survey to adding new sections and question types, keep yourself updated with Audit Logs.

Powerful additions to your 360° Survey

  • Have you ever thought how powerful your insights can be, if the responses are totally anonymous? Don’t stress! We’ve already brought the update to the 360° feedback survey.
  • The Evaluator's range is in your control. It’s easy to get responses but it’s quite challenging to get meaningful responses from the right people. Don’t you have the same feel? Worry not, going forward! Set the minimum and maximum evaluators as you wish.
  • Deadlines everywhere! Not to scare you, but deadlines really help respondents to complete the evaluation within the given timeline. You can close your survey at a pre-set time & date with Cut-Off dates.

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The SparrowCast to Watch

Exciting your customers with trust is one thing that’s quite common for every business. But have you ever tried videos as a way of building trust with your community?

Learn the insider tricks and tips, as Stacy Justino, Director of Customer Happiness, Wistia, is here to share her knowledge on this interesting topic.

Alright! See you next month with more additions & enhancements.

Until then,
Cheers, and stay safe out there!

From all of us at SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

SurveySparrow powers
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