What happens if I get responses exceeding the monthly limit?

I am planning to subscribe Business plan that limits the number of responses to 10,000 per month.
What happens if I get more than 10,000 responses?
Do I have to pay for additional responses? or does Surveysparrow shuts down the survey?

And assuming that I use Business plan with 10,000 responses per month,
what will happen if I get about 10,000 responses in one day?
Can no responses flow in? or the responses will flow in with some delay because of the traffic?
If so how big can survey sparrow handle the traffic?

I am very curious about your plans.

:wave: Han,

If the responses exceed 10,000 then the additional responses will be locked until it replenished the next month. During this period we don’t shut down the survey.

You can increase the response limit by using the slider on our pricing page.
Video below

Hope this helps.

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