Locked response

I started with the free subscription but upgraded to the Basic subscription which should allow me 500 responses/month. But I still have locked responses.

Please help unlock these responses.

Thank you

Hi Albrakecma,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Incredibly sorry for the inconvenience. We have unlocked the responses on your account.

Happy Surveying!! :smiley:

hi there, my name is Joel Kpodo Nash and i am part of the Electoral commissioner in my School. I used survey sparrow to gather data for our coming elections and it seems some responses are locked. I was tasked to look out for the best survey app out there to be used for this year election. I came up with it but before i can present the Online Poll I did with Servey sparrow i have to get access to the responses so that i can convince my team to buy a subscription for the elections itself. please help me by allowing the locked responses to reflect on the Report Section so that I can show it to them.

Hello Joel,

Welcome to the community! :blush:

Our team will reach out to you via email shortly regarding this matter.

Thank you. :wave: