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SurveySparrow - Pignone SAML set up

To configure Pignone

  • Please login to the Pignone portal,
  • Visit “Connections”
  • Applications

Click on the “+” icon and Add Application

Fill name and description

Choose “SAML Application” and “Configure”

Choose:Import From URL

Use : and click on Import

Details will be auto-filled as mentioned below
Save the details

You will be taken to the following screen

Click on “Attribute Mappings”
Edit the “Attributes”

Choose “Email Address” and save the settings

Click on the “Configuration” tab

Fill the details in the “Single Sign-On” page with what is provided by the Pingone
Identity Provider Login URL= Single Signon Service
X.509 Certificate:

All set, please don't forget to toggle the button in

Great Work Jayesh :clap:t4: :clap:t4:. Many thanks for sharing your insights in our community :feather:.

I am sure this will help most of our members :sunglasses: