Welcome to SurveySparrow Community Forum!

Welcome to the SurveySparrow Community Forum! :tada::tada:

Over the last two months, we have been building this amazing community for all the SurveySparrow users to find help and lend a helping hand to all the fellow sparrows. This finally resulted in accomplishing the vision of helping organisations refine customer, employee, and product experiences.

We’re super excited to launch it today.

What’s new in this forum?

  • We gave a new look and feel to the community centre.

  • We’ve added a few new categories to help you quickly find help and support the fellow community members.

  • We’ve put things together in the right place to save your valuable time.

Wondering how to make the best use of the community? Put your questions in the right category, and we will suggest the best solution.

Here’s how you use the categories:

General Discussions: To discuss everything about SurveySparrow.

Announcements: We will keep you posted on any important announcements and updates.

Product Questions: You can post any product-related queries in this category. We’re more than happy to take it up and get them answered.

Customer Experience: We can together discuss and share the best CX Practises.

Employee Experience: We can together discuss and share the best EX Practises.

Market Research: Let’s get your market research game going strong

Knowledge Base: Your go-to center for all the help articles.

API: Integrate with any third party applications and track the survey data effortlessly, using API.

Product Feedback & Ideas: This is personally our favourite category, as we have an open ear for all your feedback and new ideas.

We hope you’ll enjoy the forum. Together, let’s keep the discussions going. :innocent:

Let us know your feedback. We’re super excited to hear from you.

SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

SurveySparrow powers
your Surveys