SurveySparrow's Proactive Email Strategy: Embrace Custom Domains for Consistent Deliverability, Starting Feb 1

SurveySparrow is embracing a new era of email deliverability to ensure your survey communications are as effective and reliable as possible. With new, stringent email regulations from providers like Google and Yahoo, we're introducing a revised email domain strategy, effective February 1, 2024 tailored to meet these challenges and enhance your survey distribution experience.

A Diverse Range of Domains for Every User

  • Free Plan Users: Benefit from our shared email domains, ideal for beginners or small-scale survey campaigns.
  • Paid Plan Users: Enjoy access to advanced email domains, specially optimized for better deliverability and reduced spam risks.
  • Bulk Senders on Paid Plans: Receive bespoke email domains, designed to handle high-volume distributions while maintaining top-notch deliverability.

Responding to New Email Regulations

In response to the latest anti-spam measures by leading email providers, we're adapting our email domain management to safeguard your survey's reach and effectiveness.

Continuity for Ongoing Surveys

It's important to understand that existing email shares remain unaffected. The introduction of new domains applies solely to new email shares created from February 1 onwards, ensuring a smooth transition for your ongoing surveys.

Direct Domain Communication

We will directly send information about the new domains to your registered email. This approach ensures you're always informed and ready to utilize these domains effectively.

A Permanent Solution: Connect Your Custom Domain

To avoid the impact of these domain changes and maintain consistency in your email communications, we encourage users to connect their own custom email domains to SurveySparrow. Using a custom domain not only stabilizes your email deliverability against policy shifts but also strengthens your brand identity in your survey campaigns.

Conclusion: Adapt and Thrive with SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is dedicated to adapting alongside the digital landscape, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations while delivering a superior user experience. The introduction of new email domains, starting February 1, reflects this commitment. By embracing these updates and considering the integration of a custom domain, you can continue to enjoy seamless, impactful survey distribution with SurveySparrow.

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February 5th we've sent out 10.000 emails spread over 3 email shares for a survey. Was this new email strategy already implemented then?
Because we have received complaints of emails going straight to spam because Microsoft has flagged them with their Ant-spam policy as spam.
We send via SurveySparrow using our own email domain, but we use the built-in email editor.

Our IT dep. has let us know that the reason could be that sending out such a big amount of emails make Microsoft think it is spam.

Hello @Jeroen_Cornelis,

Thank you for reaching out.

I've responded to your inquiry via the support ticket #41904.

Best regards,