Slack Notification based on survey answer

We use to use other survey providers. One feature that was used daily was a notification to our Slack channel that only fired when a question was answered a specific way. For example:

Are you happy with the outcome, 1 being no 5 being yes.

Then anything answered 1, 2, or 3 would actually trigger a Slack notification that would allow us to see that quickly and be able to respond to it.

Any chance this type of feature can be accomplished? Would love more flexibility with setting different types of triggers and the different integrations available.

Hi Michael,

Hope you are doing well.

That is absolutely possible using Slack Integration and Workflow. Once the integration has been turned on, you can create a custom Workflow to define one or multiple conditions under which a Slack channel will be notified of a response. You can refer to the screenshot to get an idea of the same-

As you can see that the condition here is “Response to the Q- How happy are you is 5”.

Hope this helps.

I have already notified your Customer Success Manager. You can discuss more regarding this topic with him.



Thank you for this update, I have not had time with the workflows and that makes sense.

Thank you


@Sid Thanks again for your help. I am still having issues though. When I turned the Slack Integration on, it forces which questions I would like sent over when a survey is completed. I picked all since I wanted to create different Workflows depending on the answers.

Once I did that however, I created a Workflow and had it set to only fire if one question was a 3. I then tested this out and no matter what answers are given, all answers are sent to Slack.

How do I turn the Slack integration on without it firing every time a survey is complete?


Thanks for notifying this issue. We understand that this needs to be fixed and we are taking this immediately. We will update you once it is fixed.

Hi Michael,

Ideally, you should be able to remove the Slack Mapping while keeping the integration turned on and creating the workflow. As mentioned by @wahab, we are fixing this.

As a workaround, for now, your Customer Success Manager would be reaching out to you with a script. Running this script will fix the issue.

Thank you so much for bringing this up. And I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your patience :smiley:. We have fixed someof the glitches in slack. Follow the method to use Slack workflow effectively :sunglasses:.

UseCase :play_or_pause_button: : When the rating question response is greater than 8 (out of 10) share the survey responses inside Channel 1. If the rating is less than 4 (out of 10) share the response in Channel 2.

Steps :green_book:

  1. Create Survey and Navigate to Integrate Tab and choose Workflow.
  2. Create Workflow for a rating greater than 8 and name as Positive Response Workflow.
  3. Choose the channel (here channel1) and save the workflow
  4. Create a new Workflow for a rating lesser than 4 and name as Negative Response Workflow.
    5 Choose the channel (here channel2) and save the workflow.
  5. When the Survey gets response according to the rating it will be shared in their respective slack channel.

Note :warning:

a. if you have configured share response inside slack channel as shown in the image below

then there is a possiblity of getting duplicates because by default share response will trigger and then condition based (workflow) response will be triggered.

We are fixing this issue in the coming release.

b. Not necessary to enable slack integration for every survey when you are using workflow alone. Enabling once in the Account level is fine. Screenshot for Account Level Integration shown below.

Watch out :rocket: for Workflow Integration Release next month which solves advance settings issues.

Feel free to reach if you have any Question / Suggestions.

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