Add "Edit Response" link to the Email notification

I have a survey that includes downloading and uploading files for input and would like to offer users the ability to access their responses to change or add files.

How can I add the "edit Responses" link that is presented on the Thank You page to the Email notification? Is custom code required and if so, can you share a code example.

Hi Janet,

Welcome to the SurveySparrow community :grinning:

We are excited to have you on board! We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to helping you gather valuable feedback from your respondents.

As you begin to create surveys in SurveySparrow, I would like to request that you enable the "Allow users to edit & resubmit the responses" option. Enabling this option will allow your respondents to edit their responses after they have submitted the survey. This is particularly helpful if a respondent needs to make a correction or update their response.

To enable this option, simply go to the "Settings" tab when editing your survey and select "Allow users to edit & resubmit the responses" under the "Responses" section.

Additionally, you can use the email share feature to invite your respondents to take the survey and edit their responses from the "Thank you" page. This is a convenient way to give your respondents the flexibility to edit their responses at their convenience.

Please note that SurveySparrow does not support a custom code way of editing responses within the survey. If you have any questions about enabling response editing or any other SurveySparrow features, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for choosing SurveySparrow for your survey needs. We are excited to see the valuable insights you gather from your respondents.