Immediately show if a question is correct

It would be great to use this platform as a quizzing tool so I can send a training quiz to my team and they can immediately see the questions they got right or wrong.

Hi Ditto,

Welcome to SurveySparrow community :gem:

Quiz-type questions are something we are working on and you can expect this sooner. Stay tuned :sunglasses:


HI Ditto,

While we are waiting for the feature, I have a work around

We have a feature called as Expressions, ref:How to use Expressions in Workflows?
This will allow you to set the right answers and a score for that, and at the end of the quiz, we can calculate the total score and decide whether they have passed the quiz.

And in the end, we can set a workflow to send the response back to the user, and also, we can “Attach Survey Response” so that they know what they chose.
Now, if you want to send them the right answers, create a PDF with the questions and answers, upload to a shared drive and include that file link in the email.

Sorry if I over-explained it.
Happy to set up a call to explain.