Maximizing Efficiency with Ticket Management

Customizing your ticket fields can help you tailor your ticket management process to fit your company's needs. Adding custom fields will ensure all relevant information is captured, allowing your team to resolve customer requests efficiently.

Log in to your SurveySparrow account :point_right:Settings icon in the top right corner :point_right:Under ticket Management :point_right:Tickets Fields to view all default case fields available for ticket management.

To add a custom field: Click on the Add Field button :point_right: Choose a field type from the available list( This includes Text, Dropdown, Multi-select, Date, and Nested fields)

You can also make fields mandatory, rearrange, edit, or delete the custom fields using the corresponding icons.

Once you have added the custom field, you can drag and drop to rearrange them.

:shushing_face:Here is a sneak peek:

Looking for more information on Ticket management :thinking:

Check out our help article :point_right:t3: