Creating and Submitting Data To Custom Fields

Is there an integration with SurveySparrow either via Zapier or a wordpress form plugin where I can have it so when the user fills out the form (which also has some custom fields in it), the form saves to the wordpress site and also creates a contact in SurveySparrow and includes all the custom fields?

Hello there,

Yes! You may set up the SurveySparrow Audience Integration to create a contact from the survey in SurveySparrow kindly refer to this document here: Integrating Surveys with SurveySparrow Audience
and you may set up the Wordpress Integration by referring to this document here:
Wordpress Survey Plugin | Integrate Surveys into WordPress | SurveySparrow
Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

The plugin does not have direct native integration with surveysparrow but the plugin developer sent me the link below. could this work?
Forminator Forms Plugin Usage Documentation | WPMU DEV

Not too sure there. We would recommend you to take the Zapier route please, as stated in our help doc :slight_smile:

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SurveySparrow powers
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