Limiting surveys for Zendesk Tickets

We are integrated with Zendesk. I only want 1 survey sent when the ticket is "solved". The problem is that tickets can be re-opened. Then when they are marked solved again a new survey goes out. How do I create a process that will only send out a survey the first time a ticket is marked "solved"?

Hi @david.johnson1 ,
Welcome to the Survey Sparrow community!

We can achieve sending surveys using Triggers and APIs. Here are the steps:

  • Set up a trigger in Zendesk to activate a webhook and tag that ticket as "survey_sent."
  • Configure the API call in the webhook to send the survey from SurveySparrow.
  • Add a condition to the trigger to execute only when the status is changed to "solved," and the Tag does not contain "survey_sent."

We would be happy to assist you in setting this up and testing it end-to-end. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Looking forward to your response.


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I understand the process. I have very little experience with API setup. I have been playing with the webhook but was going from SurveySparrow. If we can setup some time that would be great. Just let me know your availability/

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