Is there no automatic feature to display score after each question?

Currently, the option to display score is only available in the Thank you Page.
If I wanted to display the score at any point before that, I would have to create an expression to do so.
However, if I wanted the score to display at every question, and I have a lot of questions, then currently the only way to do that is to create an expression for each iteration of question. For example, if I had 50 questions, then I would have to create 50 expressions manually in order to display the correct score at each point of the survey.

Why not just allow the automatic display score feature at each point of the question, and not just in the Thank You page at the end?

Hi @jeongmin.huh

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Currently, we don't have this feature. As a workaround, you can use expressions to display the score after each question.

I would like to keep this post active so that if other users upvote this we can share the data to the product team to come up with an enhancement,

Please upvote if you want this feature to be added in the product.