Integrate calendly with Surveysparrow

If I want to integrate calendly with Surveysparrow, do I have a reference doc? like where do I enter calendly login details inside the platform?


Welcome to SurveySparrow Community :gem:

I am assuming you want to use webhook to trigger events when the survey is submitted.

Navigate to the Integrate tab of your survey and select Webhook and click create New Webhook. Here you can enter the Auth Token and Callback URL.

If you want to trigger an email share survey when an event is completed in Calendly you can configure the webhook from the calendly side or simply use zapier.

Additionally, You can check our App page about the use case and the ways to integrate.

The below link will give some insights about how to configure in zapier.

You can also refer to our developer doc for details on our API and Webhook.

Hope this helps. :wave:t4:

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. It is quite useful. :+1:

Glad that you find it useful :smiley: