Insert timestamp through variable

Hi, how can I get a timestamp with a {command}?? I'm sending a recurring email but since the subject and message are the same, gmail trims the content.

Is it possible to insert a time stamp, or today's date the same way we insert custom variables? e.g if I want to insert the contact name I do {contact.firstname}, if I want to do a custom variable I go {custom_param_NAMEOFVARIABLE}... Is there a way of inserting todays date? that would make each recurring message different.

Any ideas?

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Hey @Rebelius! :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting your query here.

Answering your question, you can currently insert any custom parameters or the contact properties inside the email, but not the timestamp. I’ll check with our product team and update you on the same.

We would also love to understand what is your usecase here. Can you help us with that? We can suggest solutions accordingly.

The use case is the following.

  1. I have a recurring survey for a group of managers, I need them to respond once a week
  2. The subject of the email doesnt change (as I dont want to me manually changing it each week)
  3. The body of the email doesnt change (as it only contains the “start survey” button)
  4. With those conditions, the recipients get the email on the same “thread” (in Gmail)
  5. Gmail identifies that the e-mail is exactly the same subject and same content
  6. Therefore, it trims the content and shows three dots instead (see screenshot)
  7. The only way for gmail not to to this would be if the e-mails were not exactly the same, so I was thinking of inserting a variable in the subject with the date of each instance of the recurring message.

Hey @Rebelius! We are figuring out how to achieve your use case and suggest the best possible solution from our end. I’ll keep you posted once I hear back from the product team.

Appreciate your patience! :slight_smile:

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