Email Subject and Message Text Translations

Hello, Currently it is not possible to permanently change the Google translations for the email subject and message text. We at Volvo have checked your Google translations and they are not perfect therefore we need to change them so that they are 100% accurate grammatically.. Currently we now have to edit the email subject and email message each time we need to send out a survey in a different language, this is not ideal. As a result your fully automated system is not a fully automated system when it comes to sending out emails in foreign languages. Please kindly make these changes to your system so that we can download the email subject and message text, edit and upload to enable a permanent change. Thank you.


Welcome to the SurveySparrow Community :gem:

We understand and agree that Google translate will not be grammatically accurate most of the time.

Currently, we have a manual upload option where you can upload the excel file.

So the email share can be configured as per the language chosen.

This will not translate the entire email content but the Questions, Action button, and Hints.

Yes. This is something we need to implement to fix this issue once and for all. I will pass this requirement to my team and share an update when we have something in our roadmap.

Hope this helps.