Change text or subject in email share api

Hi I was wondering if there was an API call that could allow me to change the subject or some text in an email share. I send the survey using the Trigger email share v2 api and was wondering if any of the variables in there could be used to change the subject/text. Thanks!

Hi @be4realconsulting

We recommend using our latest API version V3.

use Create channel API

  "channel_id": 1234,
  "type": "EMAIL",
  "contacts": [
      "email": "",
      "mobile": "string",
      "variables": { //Pass contact specific variables here
          "name": "Jack Sparrow",
  "variables": {},
  "survey_id": 1234,
  "name": "string",
  "email": {
    "subject": "This is where you can Change the Subject",  //Change email Subject here
    "properties": {
      "from_address": "string",
      "embed_first_question": true,
      "show_surveysparrow_branding": true,
      "reply_to": "string"
    "theme_id": 1234

Hope this helps :wave:t4::

This is to create an email share channel. I have an existing channel where I want to be able to change the subject but it doesn't look like I can through the PUT /v3/channels/{id} request for some reason. My goal is to change the subject of the email every time I send it, this POST request is creating a channel.


Currently, We don't have this feature. Let me pass this on to my product team and check the feasibility of implementing this.

Having said that, We would like to understand more about this use case. Shall we schedule a meeting based on your availability? Please confirm.


Yes we can schedule a meeting. The use case is to vary the subject based on who you're sending the email to or what the email is regarding.