The setting Limit submission per user - Is it possible to use custom variable to determine duplicate submissions?

Currently it says it uses user's email / phone / session to limit the response.
However, we have a few custom variable set up and we passed it in from our CRM and we would like to have them identified as separate submissions if the key metadata field is differ. For example we have a global variable called reason and we want to use the same survey to cater for different reasons and we don't want the customers to re-submit their response for the same reason.

Is this possible?



Welcome to SurveySparrow Community :gem:

Currently, we could limit the response by using the user’s email or phone or through sessions.
Having said that, we are focussing on improving the feature with more options.

We would love to discuss your use case in detail so that our product team could come up with a feasible solution. Feel free to schedule a meeting based on your availability here .