Estimate time for survey completion

I’ve used Survey Monkey in the past and they have a feature on the dashboard for each survey that estimates how long it will take respondents to complete the survey, as well as a ‘survey fatigue’ rating. Would love to have this - we get better responses when people know up front how long the survey will take. (This survey will take 10 minutes to complete.)


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Thank you for sharing your feedback. Regarding the estimated time it took to complete the survey, we already have this feature in our Result → Overview → Insight section. Attached a screenshot for reference.

Survey Fatigue (Typical time spent) we agree that this would be nice to have. I will share this with my team and get back to you when we have an ETA on this.

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I would like add on this that " Completion Rate" is now based on the amount of submissions (completed vs partially).
When using email shares, it would be more logic and extremely handy that this is a % comparing the emails sent with the number of submissions. That way we would know the real completion rate.


We can achieve email share / particular share insights by choosing the share type from the drop-down (All shares).

By choosing the share type the corresponding insights about the share type will be generated as shown in the below image.

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What I mean is a % giving the ratio between number sent and amount of answers.
For instance:
emails sent: 6798
answers received: 1381.

This gives a 20,31% ratio.


Yes. This is something we need to implement.

Let me share this with my product team and update you when we could come up with a timeline.