Tracking Specific User Sats for a Survey


I was wondering if there was a way to check out how many times a particular user/email has been sent one of your surveys. For example, seeing if you shared a survey to a user multiple times recently. In addition, is there API capabilities to check the last time a particular user has completed a survey?


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For NPS survey under the share type, you can view the number of times the email has been shared and the number of times the user responded.

On clicking the share you can also understand whether the email is opened or not.

For Classic and chat surveys

Do you mean on which share the user has submitted the response?

Please clarify.

Thanks for the response! I mean if we have a particular user/email in mind, is there a way to check just in general the last time they have responded to our survey or a way to get all of their responses? If not, on which share the user has submitted the response would also be useful. Please let me know if I need to clarify further, thanks!

We can use the filter option in the response tab

Under email share (recurring) we can view the list of email shares sent and when they have responded

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