Difference between a started and a completion rate in Reports?

The main purpose of conducting a survey is to gain important and useful data. SurveySparrow has a rich dashboard which helps you gain in-depth analysis about the survey responses.
The Report section is dedicated to helping you provide a detailed review about the Survey performance.

Below are the terms commonly used in the report section.

Visited vs Started:
Visited - the number of user who has clicked the Survey Link (shared through email, weblink, SMS, QR code etc)

Started - the number of people who has started the survey i.e clicking the start button or answering the first question

Completed and Completion Rate:
Completed is the number of users who submitted the survey whereas Completion Rate is the percentage of the number of surveys started divided by the number of surveys completed.

Completion rate = (Number of surveys submitted/ Number of surveys started)*100
= (64/70) *100
Completion Rate = 91.43%

Hope this helps.