Deleting Contact on Wordpress Site and in SurveySparrow at the Same Time

I’m considering using a wordpress form plugin to register people on a wordpress site and then import them into SurveySparrow. If the user chooses to delete their account on the wordpress site, is there an integration where it will also delete the contact in surveysparrow?

Thank you for posting your query here. I would like to recommend that you can embed our contact survey on your website. We can set up a workflow in which whenever respondents fill out the contact details the same would be reflecting as a contact in our platform. We have different embed share options to start with.

You can manage your contacts based on different fields. We have Smart lists which let you create dynamic views of your contacts based on different rule sets. You can now filter your contacts easily by adding more filter groups.

To know more on contact management please refer to the below-mentioned URL:

Addressing your second query. I am afraid we do not have the integration where we can trigger to delete the contact when a user wishes to unregister from the WordPress site. Having said, that I have already updated the integration team to look into this. I will keep you posted here once I will get an update on this.

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