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It would be really useful to be able to create alternative links to the same survey, which have different default answers filled in (like how 'pre-filled links' work in Google Forms).

The use case is that we would like to use one survey form for all of our event registrations, as we collect the same data for all events, and this would save us having to create a new form for every event. However, we obviously need to be able to distinguish which event it is that someone has booked for, so that we send them the correct information and reminders.

We would prefer not to have a question that asks 'Which event are you booking for?' because we feel this leaves room for confusion and error for the end user - unless we can have the event that they are interested in pre-selected when they open the link.

The ideal process would be:

  • User clicks on a Book Now button on 'Event ABC' listing page on our website
  • The URL takes them to our event registration survey, with 'Event ABC' pre-filled in the Event name question
  • The user also wants to book onto 'Event XYZ'; they click on the Book Now button from the relevant page on our website
  • The URL takes them to the same event registration survey, but with 'Event XYZ' pre-filled in the Event name question
  • We can set up email responses via integration with Mailchimp that send users the correct event details based on the Event name

Hope that makes sense!

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Hello Hannah,

Our apologies for the late reply.

Your idea of creating alternative survey links with different default answers is great, especially for event registrations. It would simplify the process for users. We'll pass this along to the relevant team and keep you posted once we have an update.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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