Redirect to a newer/other survey

I would like to have a feature to redirect users to another survey, while they use a link to a survey that is now "outdated".
Because it's not always clear, from which URL traffic come to a survey (via a shared link) - or you cannot force other website editors to update a link, it should be possible to redirect users to another survey.
I found out, that I don't have the possibility to implement a link on the first page of the "old survey" to another one, because the Button to proceed has no editable target - it just calls the next page. So I have to find a workaround, but that is not as comfortable and really a show-stopper for users... so I request the feature described above.

Hi Sven,

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Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the need for a feature that allows redirecting users to another survey when they access an outdated survey link. We understand the importance of this feature, especially when it is not always possible to update links on external websites.

We have forwarded your request to our product team for further review and consideration. Our team will carefully evaluate this request and assess its feasibility to determine if it aligns with our product roadmap.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We appreciate your valuable input and look forward to improving our product to better meet your needs. :smiley:

Also, it will be great to have a way to map data between the two surveys especially submission ID

Hi Parag,

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We highly appreciate your feedback. Our team will thoroughly review your request and evaluate its feasibility to ensure it is in line with our product roadmap. :smiley:

Hello support team, has this feature been enabled as it was added to the product backlog almost a year back. We are in need of this feature and would like to know the status.