How to re-direct back to a specific question in the survey from external links like eye tracking, facial coding, etc

I want to understand how to re-direct back to a specific question in the survey from external links like eye tracking, facial coding, etc. Let's say I am using an eye tracking solution to get unconscious response from the person. once that response has been received, I want to re-direct to my survey and continue with rest of the questions (I do not want the survey to start from the very beginning). How do I do that?

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Welcome to the community, let me suggest a possible solution here, if the users are filling a unique link generated for them individually, then if they come back and click on the link, they can continue from where they left off.


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Thank you for your reply. However, this solution is not applicable to us as we do not have a database of customers. We meet random people on the streets and take their survey. Basically, there is a person (interviewer) who assists the potential TG to fill the survey. In such a scenario, unique links will not come into the picture. Kindly suggest another way to achieve this.

I would really appreciate a solution to my query as we want to go live with this kind of project very soon.


Hi Parag,

Sorry for the delay in getting back.
A unique link/identifier is necessary in order to update or answer any further questions.
Without a unique link, the user would not be able to continue the conversation where they left off.

I will check internally once again and get back to you.
Thank you for your patience as I work on this. I will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

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I hope you were able to check internally regarding the above query. It would be great if you can update me regarding the same. This is critical for the kind of studies I do as a professional.

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Unfortunately, we don't currently have a simple solution to the problem. However, if we create a unique identifier, we can use it to implement logic that will present the appropriate question to the end user. I've shared this with the team, and we'll explore different ways to make it work.

Thank you for your understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply! Really looking for a unique identifier to get implemented. It will help us integrate many neuro solutions with survey sparrow. Hope to receive an update soon.