Can SurveySparrow calculate NPS and CSAT automatically on the report?


I have tried to get CSAT and NPS scores on my report, but I cannot figure out how to do it.
I have followed these instructions: How is CSAT calculated? ( but if I understand the instructions correctly, I am supposed to do the calculation manually? What’s the point of that?

Thus, is it possible to add CSAT / NPS calculation on a report?

Hey Janne,

Are you free to talk over a Zoom session so that we can help you with the same?
Please feel free to let us know couple of 30 minutes slot so that we can fit in the schedule.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Surveysparrow Support Team

IDK your time zone, these are in Helsinki time:
Thu 9th, 9-11 or 14-15
Fri 10th, 11-13 or 16-18
Would any of these times work for you?
Kind regards, Janne

Hey Janne,

We have emailed you with the calendar link to avoid the time zone confusion, hope you got the email.
Please book a meeting in the calendar, we will be glad to join and help you out.