SurveySparrow Integration Using Python or Curl

Hi, I’m trying to find a way to integrate survey sparrow with python(or curl) and edit question.

This is my python code.

import requests

headers = {
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’,
‘Authorization’: 'Bearer ',

data = {}

response =‘{surid}/questions’, headers=headers, data = data)

What I’m gonna do is to edit the question logic(display/skip), but I cannot find the parameter of display and skip logic from the response.

Or, Can you tell me how can I hide specific question with code?

Thank you.

Hi There,

Thanks for posting your query to our community page. Currently, we do not have an API call for creating an individual question in a survey. However, you can create a question under a section in the survey.

Here is the link to the API call for adding question under a section:

Please Note: As of now supported question types are (FileInput Or TextInput Or OpinionScale).

Currently, for setting a display and skip logic you need to use our platform only.

Here are the help articles for the Skip and Display logic:

We are frequently building new API calls. In the future, you might see an API call for your use case.

Happy Surveying :slight_smile:

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