Remove SurveySparrow Branding

White-label the surveys to make them more personal.

To White label, Navigate to the build tab and choose the Design page and click Remove badge under SurveySparrow branding.

Select Apply for all surveys check box to make the changes global and click the Save & Apply button to save the changes.

Now, the SurveySparrow branding will be removed from the survey footer and page loader.

Hope this helps. :wave:t4

Surveysparrow branding still exists while sharing links via whatsapp. The default image is of surveysparrow which cannot be removed. Also, even if the white labeling is applied, all surveys will still take the respondent to the sruveysparrow website after the end of the survey if thank you page is not used.

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply.

Are we copying the link and sending it via WhatsApp? If so, please click on All shares and the Edit option on the target weblink share. You will find an option to add the image now. Attached is a snapshot for you to look over.

I hope it helps!

I tried the above solution today. However, it does not allow me to change the text given at the top "Please spare a few moments to take this survey :slight_smile:
#surveysparrow #conversationalsurveys"

Hi There,

The above is just showing in the UI. The hashtags won't be populating. If you decide to share the survey on Twitter, the image below presents a preview of how it will appear.

I hope it helps!

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