Release Notes October 2022

Enhancements & upgrades

Enhanced email settings :envelope_with_arrow:

Boost your open rates by making your emails easily recognizable. Customize your from and reply-to info while sharing emails for surveys and cases.
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Not Applicable (N/A) option in 360 Assessments :name_badge:

Allow evaluators to choose the “Not Applicable (N/A)” option to keep the ratings relevant. Get a glimpse of how it is going to look on your dashboard!
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Group Rank Question Type :star:

Group ranking is made easy regardless of the choices. Allow your respondents to simply drag, drop, and order their choices to different groups.
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Optimized embedded survey performance :heart_eyes:

Speed up your survey widget performance. Personalize embedded widgets with custom variables and trigger them for any event on your website comfortably.
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What’s coming your way?

Workflows for Reputation Management :star_struck:

Respond to reviews instantly. Set up workflows with customized replies for different ratings received. Keep your team informed about the reviews through emails, tickets, and Slack.

Pull in contact properties :bust_in_silhouette:

Personalize your respondents’ experience like never before. Set conditional logic and default values in your surveys using respondents’ data like age, designation, hobbies, and more.

WCAG Compliance :wheelchair:

Design surveys with WCAG compliance. Build surveys that are easily accessible and create remarkable survey experiences.

Polls in MS Teams :bar_chart:

Collect instant feedback by sharing polls with your employees and customers right from your MS Teams app. Set when you want to close your polls and share results with your team.