Release Notes | February 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, Fab-ruary is hereeeeee :heart:

How’s the new year treating you so far? Lovely we hope. We here are super pumped up after what the last month had in store for us. RefineEx 2022 helped us carve new beginnings for the folks here as well as for hundreds of human resource professionals around the globe. The online HR conference brought to the fore real-world HR leaders and practitioners. And what did we give away? 12 amazing sessions from world class speakers, 25 HR awards, 100 HR recognitions and don’t miss out the infinite sparrow love :partying_face:

Fancy, right? Aaha! It gets fancier :star_struck:

Wait till you see the February line-up.

  • Matrix dropdown feature - A new kid in the matrix block! Now, add dropdown options under your very own Matrix Grid question type. Handpicked traits to help your respondents pick the right options! Easy-peasy easy choosy :sunglasses: All you do - scroll - pick - submit & ta-da!

  • Revamped Reports - Want a secret recipe to make extraordinary reports? Step 1: Combine the power of colours and fonts. Step 2: Set filter groups to view the responses. Step 3: Bring ability to add tags to responses. And, your unique report is ready! Dish only served hot-hot in classic and chat surveys, folks! Run to take a peek :running_woman: :running_man:

  • Pivot Table in Executive Dashboard - We gave the dashboard a little new year present. But it’s yours to try too. Pivot table - another gem to ensure better insights :mag_right: Add filters & select the time period. Whether you’re looking for sum, average, maximum, or minimum - X and Y are your only limits! The word is ours.

  • Survey-Level Throttling - Hmm, let’s see. What do you do when you want to enable throttling for one survey alone? Global-level throttling? No. Survey-level throttling’s got your back, folks! Classic & Chat users now have the privilege to limit their survey roll-out. Don’t let account level throttling restrict your dreams of feedback collection :two_hearts:

  • New Filter Groups in Quota Management - Aaha! Now a makeover for Quota Management! Filter & restrict responses using respondent details, expressions & variables. Name, language, date, role, your decision. Get the ball rolling, in the right direction. Attention to detailing :white_check_mark:

We hope you make the best use of these additions to craft beautiful surveys, build amazing experiences and spread true joy :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots of Love & Surveys & Enhancements,
Team SurveySparrow.