Providing responses to multiple choice surveys

I am new to Survey Sparrow and want to learn how to do a multiple choice survey, where the correct answer will be revealed and a brief explanation of why it is the correct answer. How do I do that?

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Are you looking for something like this

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No- that’s not what I want to know.

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That's unfortunate; free for a call over Zoom so that we can discuss this?


Here is what I’m looking for: I want to create a survey with Survey Sparrow with five responses to each statement (for example 0-4) and all the options are labeled. Let's say 0 is not at all, 1 is seldom/hardly ever, 2 is sometimes, 3 is much, and 4 is very much. It seems only possible to label the 1 and 5 options and the middle one, number 3. It would be nice to be able to label all 5 options, so the user knows what each number represents.

Let me explain further, adding to my original question:

Let’s say that are 10 statements that participants are responding to, with a 5-factor rating scale of 0-4.

Numbers 1 and 10 are related. I want to add the scores for those statements.
Numbers 2 and 9 are related. I want to add those scores.
Numbers 3 and 8 are related. I want to add those scores.
Numbers 4 and 7 are related. I want to add those scores.
Numbers 5 and 6 are related. I want to add those scores.

Actually, in the assessment I am creating, there are 115 statements that are describing 20 character traits. I want to add the numbers associated with each statement to reveal what character traits are most like them.

I wish Survey Sparrow could do that.

Do you think you could give me an answer via zoom, or is there no good answer? I would prefer to get an answer in writing if possible.

Hi @bob,

Currently, we don't have this feature. We will pass this to our product team and share an update when they come up with a solution.

Many thanks for your understanding.