Measure Customer Experience (3/4)

Turn customers into Promoters using NPS Survey

A high NPS score indicates that the majority of your customer base is happy and that your business provides an outstanding customer experience program. In this post, let’s create an NPS survey and understand customer loyalty.

To create a survey navigate to the Customer Experience Survey section and choose NPS and click the start button as shown in the below screenshot.

The first question by default will be “How likely are you to recommend [Company / Product] to a friend or colleague?” with a 0-10 scale rating. You can segment the rating with different colors by enabling the Segmented option.

To add a feedback question enable the Include Feedback toggle. To customize feedback questions based on the rating enable NPS Feedback by rating toggle.

Now the questions are ready you can add some design to the survey by navigating to the design section (which is below the build section). Add the necessary configuration and share the survey with your customers.

The responses are captured and under the result section, you can get all the insights :bar_chart: as shown in the below screenshot.

The respondents will be classified into 3 categories

Promoters - Customers who are rated 9 & 10.
Passives - Customers who are rated 7 & 8.
Detractors - Customers who are rated 0-6.

Net Promoter Score calculation is as follows:

NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

NPS = % Promoters - % Detractors

Follow this page for more details on NPS.

Next, We shall explore more on the differences between NPS survey®. CSAT and CES.

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