Massive download of all the attachments

we would like to have a copy of the photos also saved in our repository. Now we are able to save photos by clicking on every single image but the porcess is too long.

Is there a solution to automate the download of all attachments?


Hi @Alberto

Please confirm whether you want to download multiple attachments in a single response

or multiple attachments from different responses.

So that I can pass the details to my product team.

Currently, you can download the photos by clicking on a single image.


Hi @Wahab,
the second one, we would you like to download multiple attachments from all responses

Hi @Alberto,

Thanks for the confirmation. Will pass it to the team.


Hello, do you have any news for this request?

Hi @Alberto

Out Roadmap for this quarter is full and we could only add this feature in the next quarter. Hope this helps