Let us Add Pictures to all Question Types


I would be very cool if we could add a picture to all Question types so we could collect feedback on pictures and let them rate the pictures. So I could upload like a Screenshot of a Website or like a Logo etc.

Thank you so much!

Hello there,

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I believe we can upload an image for each question by selecting the "Image" option using the three dots under the question builder. Below is a snapshot for your reference.

If there are any question types that were omitted or if there's any difficulty in adding the pictures, please inform us. We are here to assist! :grinning:

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Thanks. The Picture is really small. Could be there an Option that the User can open the Picture and it opens in a Popup so the User can zoom into it? Like when I upload a Screenshot of a Website. This is really small. Or like when I do the Heatmap Question and after that I want to let the User rate the Design. This also applies to the Picture Choice Module. If people could open up the Picture to see more details this would help very much!