Uploading multiple photos at once to an offline survey

I dont recall if I already made this post here and if so i'm sorry for saying it again haha. Just in case, here it is again.

I use offline surveys A LOT with about 25 to 30 photos for people to vote on their favorite image. How the UI is set up, I have to manually click to add a photo select the photo for each of the 30 photos. Would be awesome if the system had a drag and drop feature or allow me to select multiple photos to upload all at once. Bonus points if the system recognizes the file name and adds that to the text field of the photo. Would save loads of time and much easier than manually adding 30 photos one at a time! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

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I want to let you know that I have forwarded your request for enhancement to our Product team. We will review the proposal and keep you informed of any developments.

Thank you for sharing your idea with us. :smiley: