Edit answers not to rewrite them

My question is about answer correction feature. It’s great that there is such an option and customers can edit their answers. Could you please consider possibility to allow people simply EDIT their answers not to rewrite them. I and my clients tested this function. When we try to edit an answer that has TEXT format this is what happens:

  1. I entered my answer
  2. I want to edit it. And I click on pencil icon
  3. My original answer disappears!
    And I need to type everything from the beginning!
    This approach is not very effective and comfortable if I wrote several sentences and just want to add some details or change some words, don’t you think so? Could you please consider this as a feature request?
    We need possibility simply to EDIT not to write from scratch.

:wave: Gulnara Emirali

Welcome to SurveySparrow Community :star_struck:.

The Edit Response feature helps you to edit your answers without the need to rewrite from the begining. When you click the edit response (Pencil icon) screen similar to below image appears and you can edit all type of responses.

View changes option (Near save and Lock button) allow the user to view the edits made to a single response entry


To correct errors and to cleanse the data for Analysis.

:question:Unsupported Question Types

  1. Payment Question Type

  2. Upload File Question Type

  3. Matrix Question Type

  4. Rank Order Question Type

  5. Constant Sum Question Type

  6. Consent/Agreement Question Type

  7. Signature Question Type

:speech_balloon: Logic (Skip and Display) and Answer Piping will not get updated if the responses is edited.

Since you mentioned about TEXT question type, We would like to get on a call to check on this. Feel free to schedule a meeting based on your availability :date: