Can I turn off Return/Enter key functioning as "Next" in Multiple Lines question?

I'm building a survey with many open-ended Multiple Line questions. The default behavior for this question type is to have the "Return/Enter" key function as "Next", indicating that you've completed your answer. But I know from experience that many who will take the survey will use "Return/Enter" to add a new line (like "carriage return"), like adding a space between paragraphs, to continue writing their answer. The system will treat this as completing the question, rather than adding a line to the answer.

The on-screen instructions say "Hit SHIFT + ENTER for new line", but this is not an easily remembered key combination for those who are not used to it. Many will forget and hit "Return" and submit the answer before their response is finished.

Is there any way to disable this default behavior at the question level? To require the user to click the "Submit" or "Next" button to submit a response?

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately, the behaviour cannot be turned off, but to improve the experience, would it be better if the message " Hit SHIFT + ENTER for new line" is shown in bold or do you think a prompt or confirmation asking “Are you sure to submit” will work?

Please know your thoughts.