Combo questions?

hi. I'm trying to figure out if i can create a combo question. Specifically, I want to have Opinion Scale questions that also include a Comment text notes field where the respondent can optionally explain their answer. I prefer this to be on the same page (frame) as the question. Presently i add the comment as a next question which is awkward, forces me to clarify which question the notes are for (in the description) and makes the survey twice as long. Perhaps a simple "Keep with next" would do the trick? You have other combo options in the Contact Form and Matrix types (i'd use Matrix but it doesnt let me add a Text notes column to the radio button in the same row nor even in an interspersed row). Is there a way to accomplish this now? Thanks.

Hi Jonathan,

The combo question is something we are looking forward to implementing in the future and currently, we don’t have a timeline for this.

As a workaround, you can pass the previous question answer as a variable as shown below.

Hope this helps.