API for Matrix type questions

Hello, using the API to get a survey /questions how can i get the row content of the matrix, especially the first column which contains my question text. It does not seem to be returned by https://api.surveysparrow.com/v1/surveys/[surveyId]/questions

Hi Jonathan,

Can we connect to understand more on this? Feel free to schedule a meeting based on your availability here .

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


we can but i think its a simple question. I’m trying to sync my database with the survey questions. I have a Matrix type question. When i GET the /questions, the matrix questions are not present. Although they are present when i query the /responses

eg when GET the responses, the “questions” list has the matrix subquestions id and text:

    { "question": " Matrix Question 1", "id": 4221701 },
    { "question": " Matrix Question 2", "id": 4221702 },

but when GET the questions, t has the parent Matrix question but no sub-questions id or text:

      "id": 4221700,
      "rtxt": " A multi question question",
      "type": "Matrix",
      "properties": {
        "data": {
          "matrix": {
            "type": "LIKERT",
            "answerType": "SINGLE_ANSWER",
            "tableLayout": "CONTENT_WIDTH",
            "layoutOverridden": false
      "parent_question_id": null,
      "section": { "position": "2.000000000000000" },
      "tags": [],
      "choices": [...],
      "annotations": []