We want our survey respondents to be one per house in a 53 member HOA, and ensure that there i [...]

We want our survey respondents to be one per house in a 53 member HOA, and ensure that there is not duplicate voting. How do we ensure the integrity of one response per house?

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To ensure only one response per house, you can disable the 'Allow multiple submissions per user' option, and since it's a 53 member HOA, you can also enable the 'Limit the number of responses this survey can get' option to limit the number of responses to 53.

You can access these options by navigating to Config > General Settings in your survey's Build section.

Click Update to save the changes made.

Hope this was helpful! :)

Thank you. That is helpful. I had previously discovered those settings. It doesn’t completely resolve my question tho. What we want to ensure is a situation where two email addresses in the same home or homes respond to the survey, thereby robbing someone else in our 53 homes of their vote.

Is there a way to only allow predetermined email addresses to respond?

Also, I did a test on myself. When I clicked the link in my email on my phone, submitted the survey, then reattempting on my phone was not allowed. GREAT! However when i clicked the link in my email from my desktop, it allowed me to take the survey again and it registered as a new submission. This is a problem too.

@[hoa], regarding your second question, you can share the survey via email or SMS share where each link is attached to one submission wherever you open the survey. Hope this was helpful! :slight_smile:

@[hoa], to allow only predetermined email addresses to respond, you can create a separate contacts list of the 53 email addresses and share the survey to this list via email share. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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