SurveySparrow Flutter SDK launch

Sparrow Flutters Faster :money_with_wings:!

Have you folks felt the momentary annoyance when there’s a delay in app screen loading?:expressionless:

Well, let me introduce you to Flutter, an amazing framework for developing mobile apps for super-fast rendering.:rocket:

We saw the opportunity to make the feedback collection experience much more awesome, and

here you go! Launching now, SurveySparrow’s Flutter SDK for mobile apps! :drum: :drum:

42% population use Flutter to build cross-platform mobile applications :person_curly_hair:t4:

3 seconds of loading time saved with Flutter as against WebView renderers :desktop_computer:

2 platforms (Android & IOS) covered within a single framework :iphone:

1 Best way to collect feedback from mobile apps is using SurveySparrow Flutter SDK v1.0.0-beta4

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Flutter SDK💡 and the related case studies📚

P.S :feather: . Please let us know if you need any assistance in implementing the SDK in your app. We’re just a chat away!

See ya :wave:t4: