Send partial responses to Google Sheets

Update the same row when a partial/final response for the same submission is received.


Hi Mihhail,

We are sorry about that. This feature is not feasible at the moment. But I’ll check with the team and keep you posted about the feasibility :slight_smile:

Hi Mihhail!

We just heard from the product team.

Sending partial responses to Google Sheets is possible upon force sync. Please feel free to try this and let me know if this works.

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Well, I guess it will do for now. Thanks!

Could you share more details on what you mean by “force sync”?

In general this use case is high priority for our team as well, as we want to be able to automate sending updates to our employees based on customer responses. Currently only 10-20% actualy click submit or complete all questions, so we lose ability to use this data in a meaningful way.

Hi there! Thanks for posting your query here. :slight_smile:

Let me share a few more details on Force Sync.

Force sync does two things.

  1. If there are any changes to the questions, you can use Force sync to update the responses in Google Sheets.
  2. If there are any partial submissions for your survey, you can still push those responses to Google Sheets using Force Sync.

Would this solve your requirement?

Please let us know by replying to this thread. We would love to get on a call with you for any help you would need regarding this.

Sounds good?