Group rank order in export

When exporting group rank to Excel, it only show what choices are put in each group as well as the ones that are ungrouped, but not the rank in each group. Or am I missing the logic?

As an example:
Cell A1: Question-Group-Answer1
Cell A2: Answer1
Cell B1: Question-Group-Answer2
Cell B2:
Cell C1: Question-Group-Answer3
Cell C2:
Cell D2: Question-Group-Answer4
Cell D2: Answer4
Cell E1: Question-UnGrouped-Answer1
Cell E2:
Cell F1: Question-UnGrouped-Answer2
Cell F2: Answer2
Cell G1: Question-UnGrouped-Answer3
Cell G2: Answer3
Cell H2: Question-UnGrouped-Answer4
Cell H2:
...Next question from cell I1

Here Answer1 and Answer4 was dragged into the group, but no way of knowing what was ranked first and what was ranked second of them.

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Please share some screenshots to understand better.

  1. Screenshot from SurveySparrow Build page( on how the questions and answers are structured)

  2. Screenshot from excel page with values and SurveySparrow response page


Tried both normal xlsx and detailed version, but none of them give the ranking in the group. I think normal rank just gives the number in each row (in this case cell B2 should be "2" and E2 should be "1" since i ranked Answer 4 over Answer1 when running through the survey).

Forgot to post the response page. It shows the correct ranking there, so only an issue when exporting to Excel.


I understand this isn't very clear and it should have been better.

I will pass this on to my product team and check about the ETA on the improvement.


Off topic but want to highlight that multiple choice question chart displays data on the base of responses and not respondents. if you are using the dashboard than do check it out.

Hi there,

Let me check with our product team about this.

We appreciate your patience.