Email Share Enhancements: Reminder feature parity with initial email, ability to duplicate reminders, and ability to create full share templates

Requesting the following enhancements to email shares:

  1. Reminder email feature parity with the set up of the initial email, including being able to select the "Send from" and "Reply to" email addresses.
  2. The ability to duplicate the initial email when setting up email reminders. We often send a survey with two email reminder follow-ups. Right now, both of those reminders need to be set up individually. It would be helpful if we could duplicate the original email and then just change the "Set reminder after" drop down and any other elements as needed without having to create the reminders from scratch.
  3. The ability to create and utilize email share templates that include all aspects of the share, not just the formatting. We have surveys we send out on a bi-weekly basis, but each time we do it, we have to create the email details from scratch. I would like to be able to set up a template for those shares or have the share cloning function pull over all of the details, including the reminders. Currently, the reminders don't appear to be cloned when an email share is cloned.

Hello Jon,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions for enhancements to email shares. We appreciate your insights and understand the importance of these features for streamlining your survey processes.

Regarding your first request for parity in the reminder email feature setup, including the ability to select "Send from" and "Reply to" email addresses, we will certainly explore this with our development team to see how we can align the reminder email setup with the initial email configuration.

Your second suggestion about duplicating the initial email when setting up email reminders is quite practical and would save a lot of time for users who frequently send out surveys with multiple reminders. We will investigate the possibility of implementing this feature to improve user experience and efficiency.

Lastly, the ability to create and utilize email share templates that include all aspects of the share, including reminders, is indeed a valuable addition. We understand the need for consistency and efficiency, especially for recurring surveys, and will explore options to enable the creation of comprehensive email share templates or improve the cloning function to include reminders.

Your input is invaluable to us as we strive to enhance our platform to better meet the needs of our users. We will keep you updated on any progress regarding these enhancements.

Thank you once again for your suggestions, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further ideas or feedback. :grinning: